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Hi there, this is Coco りぼん

Thank you for visiting our website of En Lumiere the beauty and healing salon.
It's getting cold as the season offers, I am here to hope you keep warm against the cold.

I'm going to introduce our services to you,from our menu I hope you find the most suitable treatment for youハート(赤)

Facial Treatments

Yon-Ka Escale Beaute/ Basic Skin Recovery 60mins 12,600yen
Yon-Ka Le Grand Classique / Deep Pore Cleansing and Deep Moistuirising 90mins 17,850yen
Yon-Ka Advanced Optimizer for Anti-Aging,Deep Firming and Lifting 90mins 19,950yen
(Optional lift up facial mask 3,150yen)
Carol Priest Customized Aromatic Facial. 80mins 14,700yen

Body Treatments

Aromatic Body Massage 70mins 12,600yen,100mins 16,800yen
Swedish Massage 70mins 14,700yen,100min 17,850yen
Aromatic Foot Reflexology 40mins 6,300yen ,60mins 8,400yen

Combination Body and Facial

Yon-Ka Relax Time 120mins 22,050yen
(Aromatic Body Massage and Basic Facial Escale Beaute)

Carol Priest Quintessence Aromatics 120mins 19,950yen
(Aromatic Body Massage and Carol Priest Facial)

Indiba Therapy(Radio Frequency Electric Waves)

INDIBA Therapy - The Regenerative Radio Frequency
The Visible results from the first session:
Obtains all the advantages of a deep temperature increase.
Relieves tensions&fatigue.
Relaxes painful and tight muscles.
Enhances blood circulation.
Releases blockages in the body.
Cleanses the lymphatic system.

Indiba Therapy
30mins 8,400yen,60mins 12,600yen,100mins 16,800yen

Indiba and Massage
Indiba Slimming Leg 90mins 14,700yen
Indiba Detoxing 90mins 14,700yen
Indiba Facial 70mins 13,650yen (Indiba therapy with facial treatment)
The effect of Indiba for face : Under-eye bags/Dark circles,Double chin,Sagging skin and Wrinkles
Optional Indiba therapy 20mins 3,675yen
(This option can be added to the other facial treatments )

We don't have waxing,manicure and foot peelings.

For booking and questions
Email : enlumiere@kfy.biglobe.ne.jp
Phone : 03-6893-6893





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